Daniel Oliverio, casually known as Dan O., is a photographer, graphic and web designer, and handyman from New York City and is recently relocated to Chicago. His clean, contemporary, and structural aesthetic draws inspiration from urban landscapes, architecture, art-deco design, black & white photography, and minimalist designers such as Massimo Vignelli. He strives to connect ideas and expose relationships in his work where one would least expect to them to exist. Bold statements crafted with thoughtfulness and empathy towards a focused purpose allow him to communicate complex ideas that are understandable, approachable, and relatable.


His love affair with photography started when he bought his first DSLR as a birthday gift. A passion for street photography was immediately ignited and a stimulating hobby quickly evolved into a small photography business specializing in cityscapes and portraiture. Clients sought Daniel out to capture the beauty of their architectural gems and soul of the neighborhoods surrounding them for marketing materials.


His interest in design was fostered during a career in visual merchandising where he was challenged to come up with solutions that communicated a distinct point of view in a three-dimensional environment. This is where he developed a keen eye for color, texture and space, and ultimately inspired him to pursue a degree in communication design.


Leadership and the development of the people he works with is one of his strongest attributes. A passion for project management that focuses on the strengths of others motivates him to be better every day and is a key factor in his successful track record when leading groups of people. He feels the only way to keep what he has, is by giving it away to others.


Today he is balancing professional work, personal passionate endeavors, as well as his education. In his free time he enjoys bike riding, travel, reading, volunteer work, pop culture, meditation and mindfulness, and spending time with friends and family.